Morgan Financial Group

With 75 years of experience in accounts receivable recovery, Morgan Financial Group uses innovative technology with our expertise and experience to deliver accounts receivable management solutions that increase recovery and increase customer satisfaction and positive experiences.

Morgan Financial Group is a family owned company that has been in business for over 75 years. As a family owned business, we have had a multi-generational culture of compliance that treats both our clients and customers with compassion and integrity.  

Our recovery strategies are specific to our client’s needs and incorporate analytics and segmentation with the trust that our clients put in us to improve their customer relationships. We also offer in house litigation services as part of our recovery strategy that our clients use to increase recovery. We do not and have never out sourced our collection team off shore or overseas.  

Bad Debt Collections

CAC Financial Corp

CAC Financial Corporation (“CAC”) partners with clients for primary, secondary, and legacy projects for their accounts receivable collection needs. CAC is licensed in all fifty states. We utilize analytics and account segmentation to maximize recovery and efficiency.   

Legal and Litigation

Morgan & Associates, P.C. Law Firm

Morgan & Associates (“M&A”) is a law firm that specializes in collections and litigation. Morgan & Associates understands the compassion and sensitivity it takes in collections, and staffs account managers to attempt to resolve all accounts assigned without litigation. Morgan & Associates has offices in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Missouri, and is capable of litigation in any state.     

First Party Receivables Solutions

Morgan Healthcare Solutions

Morgan Healthcare Solutions partners with healthcare providers to meet their needs with billing, insurance billing, balance after insurance billing, and self-pay billing needs. We also partner with providers for special and legacy projects. We serve as an extension of healthcare providers’ business offices, and offer compliance training and solutions.